Saturday, December 4, 2010

Various Artists - Music from the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack: A Swingin' Summer

It's your typical "beach party" movie music fare, but these types of 60's movies are just pure matter how bad they are. There's quite a few movies from this era that are just more fun to look at, not to watch intently for deep meaning, good acting, or a fabulous story line.

I've never seen this movie, but if this clip is an indication, a wild 'OooP!' time was had by all:

Side 1:
Justine - The Righteous Bros
Nitro - Swingers
Swingin' Summer - Carol Connors
Out to Lunch - Swingers
I'm Ready to Groove - Raquel Welch (Yes, she sings. Nothing spectacular, but mind you, these are the days before vocal enhancement software, so hats off to her for trying.)
Filet of Soul - Swingers

Here's a clip of Raquel lipsynching "Ready to Groove" on Shivaree

Side 2:
Red Hot Roadster - Rip Chords
It's Not Unusual - Swingers (Yep, the Tom Jones tune.)
You Can't Fight Sidney Hall - Swingers
Penny the Poo - Donnie Brooks ("She's a red hot bunny...she's so 'ooooo'...she's a real go-getter...she's my baby sitter...I call her Penny the poo." She's the poo, ya know?)
Arrowhead Rock - Swingers
Theme from Summer Place - The Swingers

I'm guessing The Swingers are another studio set of musicans. I wonder how many other beach party type movies that they perform the instrumental tracks for?

This record also boasts a gatefold that features pictures of Raquel Welch for the gentlemen...

And then Gary Lewis shows up..."SWINGIN'!"


Where did you buy this record and when?

"At a record show...probably around '95 or '96."

Do you own it in any other format?


What is your over-all impression of this album?

"It's kind of boring accept for the Righteous Bros track, and the Raquel Welch track is a goofy thing to have."

Favorite Track?


How many stars out of five?

"The inclusion of Justine makes it worth it, so I'd give it a three."


  1. What a FUN blog!!!! Wow I thought I had a music collection!!!!

  2. Raquel looks hot in those glasses, my kinda librarian...:)

  3. Another great selection - I'm a sucker for any 60's teen-orientated movie set against a beach/ski resort back drop for the scenary and the music.

  4. Hey Hideelee,

    Why no posts lately? Such a fun blog...your fans miss you.


  5. I stumbled across your blog and am enjoying reading through it. You and my wife would have a lot to commiserate over. As the co-author of the book "Hollywood Hi-Fi," I especially appreciate that you did three posts in a row on the warblings of Telly Savalas, Mae West and Rachel Welch. I'm happy to note that we resurrected "Hard to Handle" for re-release on the "Holllywood Hi-Fi" Brunswick companion CD. In our book, we also noted that Mae West said her love becomes a flaming pie, but we chalked it up to her Polident pronunciation.

    We have a lot of stuff from the book at our website at and are finally starting work on a long-delayed ebook version. If your husband has any celebrity records he'd like to lobby us to include, he can reach us through the website. We probably already have a copy.

    Keep up the good work!


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