Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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It all started around 2005...I think. (Is it bad that I'm starting to lose track of time?)

John and I first met in person, and then spent over a year corresponding over email, instant messenger, and the good old telephone. Most of our first communications were all about music...(and come to think of it, not a lot has changed.)

We were brought together by our love for a lot of the same bands. The Kinks, especially, but he also got me into some of my most loved bands now, like The Small Faces.

Anyway, when the time came for us to decide to be together, he made an ultimate sacrifice for me and moved out here to my self-imposed exile in Northern Michigan. (Lord knows why...I must have been more attractive then. Haha)

So, not only did he move out here, but eventually, ALL of his collections followed. The most prominent of those being his records, cds, and 45rpms. Now, while this might not be the largest collection anywhere. (Well, in fact I know that it's not. You should meet his best friend, Rich!) This is, however, the largest collection of music that I've ever had access to.

This access is something that I feel I've taken for granted in the last year or so that I've been around it. There's just so much...I wasn't quite sure where to start. I do love music, and I know what I like and what I don't like, but John has stuff that he's kept that he doesn't even seem to like...which boggles my mind...but I guess that's what collectors do.

In an effort to understand more about this obsession, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way, (with John's blessing of course) I will be blogging here about my travels through the grand record collection. There's 100's of LPs, 1000's of CDs and 45rpms to go through. I'm not exactly sure of the frequency of my posts, as I do have a tiny semblance of a life (somewhere!), but I hope to make this as enjoyable as possible...even if no one reads it...but you know, I hope they do.

I invite all readers to stick around, comment (of course! we all love comments!), and if you're a kindred spirit when it comes to significant others or family members who have this kind of passion for music, you've come to the right place. I'd love to hear from you.


  1. Welcome to the world of blog! Looks like there will NEVER be a shortage of what to listen to!

  2. Heh-heh, reminds me of how I attempted to work my way through Rocky's collection methodically from A-Z when we first got hitched! Needless to say, madness took over from method quite some time ago, and I still haven't gotten through it all to this day.

  3. My previous partner had a record collection that was filed in such a precise manner that taking more than one record out at a time was a potential minefield - origin of act, date of release, highest chart position etc.

    These days, I'm the main collector in the house, and it's not just records - also a particular kind of toy from my childhood, fashion magazines up to 1975, and self sufficiency / Dig for Victory books & magazines.

    Fitting us and everyday essentials into the house, along with gardening and chicken keeping stuff is quite a task.

  4. Brings back memories of my own collection which was about 300 LP's at one point. I have more CD's now, as I had to part with most of my LP's. The journey through any collection is always fun and it sounds like your having a wonderful time. I also love the Kinks and the Small Faces...:)

  5. Great idea for a blog... Looking forward to catching up on all the posts and what the future holds. Cheers!

  6. Absolutely love what you are doing here... what a blast going through the good and the bad. When you got to Telly Savalas I knew I was in for some fun.
    I'm doing a similar thing (but not half as fun) with some of the "greatest" albums ever.

    Thanks for the cool site. I am going to link to this one for sure.


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