Friday, May 21, 2010

The Electric Firebirds - Dance Party Time

Electric Firebirds...

Electric Firebirds...

THE Electric Firebirds...

I Googled, I'd...Electric Firebirds? Nothing to be found.

Well, I'm sure there's something to be found, but I just don't feel like searching that hard.

Tonight's listen was this album:

Just looking at this cover from a distance, it looks fairly cool. Kinda groovy-60's chick with some records. This could be good. However, upon closer look, can see some boobage. Can't say I care all that much about that. So, obviously marketed towards (mostly) men, I'm sure.

Track Listing: (Record doesn't have a track listing on the back cover, only song listings on the record label itself...and doesn't indicate, as far as I can tell, which is side A and which is side B...not that it really matters here, so I'll just list them by the side I listened to first and it shall ever more be.)

Side A:
1. Let's Make It
2. Live Cream
3. Moon Right On
4. Troubled Earth
5. Electric Fireworks

Side B:
1. Heavy
2. Doors Time
3. Out of Town
4. Woodstock Hour
5. Nice and Easy

My guess? These are studio musicans, perhaps? They're all instrumentals and there's no songwriting credits on any of these listed. Thus, my conclusion is the the names of the songs were all created to fit the times. So...this came out, hmm...'68ish?

The music isn't bad. It's better than most instrumental party albums I've heard. And that's what it is. Music to put on for your 60's fun-time party. Something you can dance to, or ignore.

"Electric Fireworks" kind of sounded like "If I Had a Hammer."

My Five Thumb - All Thumbs Rating: 2 tiny thumbs up

Now, on to John:

Where did you buy this record and when?
At one of Izzy's record shows in Springfield, NJ around the late '90s, early 2000's.

Do you own it in any other format?

What is your over-all impression of this album?
It's a budget label. Grocery store record. They're studio musicans, and the record company releases these same songs over and over again with different titles and different covers. Might by Jerry Cole somewhere on there.

Favorite Track?
Overall, just a fun album for the "cheese" factor.

How many stars out of five?


  1. I'd put that in the category of things to pick up only for $1 or less. Or for possibly using the cover as decoration. this said without hearing it, of course.

  2. Apparently, there IS a Jerry Cole connection, but he's not on this LP. A couple of the tracks are the backing tracks to things Jerry Cole recorded as The Id. I've never heard this LP, but according to some who have, "Doors Time" is basically the backing track to the Id's "Boil The Kettle Mother".

  3. Actually this whole album is the 1964 Jerry Cole album A-Go-Go Guitars repackaged with updated titles, which was done to it again under the guise More Psychedellic Guitars [sic] - if you're wondering what the original Psychedellic Guitars was, look no further than Cole's contemporary twin effort Guitars-A-Go-Go (which itself recycled about half its tracks from one of his earlier hot rod exploitation albums). That said, removed from the pseudo-psych context it's actually pretty impressive mod/surf for '64.

    And in addition to Doors Time being an early Boil The Kettle, Out of Town and Troubled Earth are primal versions of Dark and Sure Listic respectively, both from the legendary Animated Egg LP; there are probably others whose first takes I still haven't heard yet.


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